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VINCENT AUDIO Posted by Audio Active November 25th, 2016


It all started with a quite ordinary question from Uwe Bartel, Vincent Audio’s electronics engineer and passionate music lover: How do I make High End affordable? The first step, the introduction of the SA-1 valve prestage and the D-150 output stage, made a very quiet sound in the press but one that couldn’t be missed.

Then it got a bit louder when Vincent expanded its product range and regularly thrilled the specialist press – and music lovers in particular. The rumble was powerful and certainly justified because the new Vincent products were now electronically redesigned and presented in a solid metal housing. Now the Vincent brand is making a really audible bang in the specialist press and putting prestige brands in the shade again and again.

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The logical development of an amplifier legend starting from SV-236 to SV-236MK leading to the SV-237, an amplifier that is almost unrivalled in its price range and has improved the few minor weaknesses of the previous models, and has received an up to date USB input.


A completely new combination amplifier was developed for the SP-T700, exploiting the respective advantages of tubes and transistors in an innovative manner, combining them to create a harmonious whole.


The PHO-700 presents itself in the same dimensions as the power supply. However, is due to the tube lines, combined with the known window which gives a free view to the tube.

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