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TAC Posted by Audio Active November 4th, 2016


The Tube Amplifier Company T.A.C. posed a simple question to their design team; why does one have to adjust the bias settings again and again manually after changing the tubes?

The solution they came up with was “BIAS regulation” developed in Germany guaranteeing 100% power output at each operating point of the tube during each operating condition. Manual adjustment are not necessary! Add brilliant sound, build quality and engineering and you have a perfect package! The reviewers certainly think so!

For more information, please visit http://www.tac-highend.de/tac/

Featured Products:

T.A.C. T-22

Proven technology in modern design, the T-22 is presented by TAC The two EL34 tubes per channel operate in the push / pull process. A feedback tapping at the output transformer minimizes the distortion and is an ultrasonic switching. All sound-determining components are measured before installation. In order to underline the puristic character, no sound regulation was omitted.

T.A.C.-34 Dream

The DeLuxe version of the TAC 34. Optically through chrome inserts and a tube mirror tuned. Two additional 6E2 tubes act as a magical eye. A treat for the eyes and ears!"

T.A.C. C-60

The sound committed! TAC, a brand with a long tradition in tube amplifier, goes since the V-60 tube amp completely new ways. The design is modern, and the circuits and components follow the latest techniques.

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