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Sony Home Cinema Projector

A Sony home cinema projector will ensure a truly immersive 4K home theatre experience.

Sony Home Cinema Projector

There is nothing that matches the excitement of going to the cinema to see a new movie for the first time. If you’ve tried to recreate this feeling with a home theatre setup, you may be disappointed in the quality of your home theatre projector. Fortunately, the solution is found in a Sony home cinema projector that will truly recreate the picture quality you remember and love.

Not only do Sony home cinema projectors incorporate the same high-level technology found in their other video and audio equipment, but they are also the best solution when you want a truly immersive experience of a 4K home theatre. Whether you choose the Sony 4K HDR or 4K SXRD home cinema projector, you are sure to achieve brilliant colour contrast, clarity of picture, and superior cinema results.

With the addition of an award-winning Kaleidescape Strato 4K movie player to your Sony home cinema projector setup, you’ll take your DVD and Blu-Ray disc playback to a new level. Enjoy the dynamic range that 4K technology has to offer with better picture quality than you can achieve with your basic projector setup. Once you’ve experienced the difference with a Sony home cinema project, you’ll be moved to enjoy more home theatre applications.

If you’re ready to enjoy the unrivalled picture quality that is Sony home cinema, use the Audio Active Australia dealer locator page to find a dealer near you. Make sure to ask about Sony AV accessories that will complete your home theatre experience.