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PRIMARE Posted by Audio Active June 27th, 2018


Nature favours better design. Wherever you look, the most successful designs are always the most efficient. By rejecting unnecessary features, they have evolved to become simpler but also more sophisticated.

Scandinavian design is like this: practical, unpretentious, beautifully efficient and powerfully satisfying in its simplicity. And when you own a home entertainment system from Primare, you’ll sense that we celebrate these values as well. Through Primare audio/video systems you’ll enjoy the benefits of cutting-edge technology and high performance without complexity, in a form that is easy to use and appreciate over many years.

For more information, please visit http://www.primare.net

Featured Products:

A60 power amplifier

n a recent issue of Germany’s hi fi &records magazine, reviewer Olaf Sturm is bewitched by the new 60 series pre/power system. He calls the PRE60 design “pure joy” and is astonished by the measured power generated from the A60’s slim dimensions

I32 integrated amplifier

The I32 is an upgradable two x 120 watt integrated amplifier utilising proprietary UFPD power technology. It is designed to provide high power output with very low distortion and system control for Primare’s 30 series range of hi-fi separates.


  • R-core transformer
  • Gold Plated Connectors, Teflon insulation
  • Relay controlled mute circuit for silent power on and off.

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