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Martin Logan Centre Speakers

Martin Logan Centre Speakers

A complete home theatre experience begins with Martin Logan centre speakers.

Are you tired of listening to flat sound when you are watching a movie at home? Would you rather have a full-throttle experience that allows you to hear every detail of your favourite music? At Audio Active Australia, we believe you need Martin Logan centre speakers to get you on your way to a complete home theatre experience. These speakers are designed to give maximum sound without taking up too much space.

  • Standard or Compact – Whether you want to balance your screen size with your audio equipment or you are looking for something compact that still produces high-quality sound, you’ll find just the options you are looking for with Martin Logan centre speakers.
  • Simple Installation – Because setting up your home theatre equipment should only lead to excitement and not stress, Martin Logan has created centre speakers that offer simple installation. That means your newest sound equipment will be ready to go in no time.
  • Surround Sound – Quality sound that comes from what seems like everywhere can begin with Martin Logan centre speakers installed in just the right place below your screen. Enjoy full-tilt sound as you maximise your home theatre experience.

Build your home theatre system piece-by-piece by adding Martin Logan centre speakers to your set of floorstanding speakers for the ultimate home theatre listening experience. With a gentle appearance and elegant finishes to choose from, your home theatre system will look and sound its best.

If you are ready to start building your home theatre, search for an Audio Active Australia authorised dealer today.