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Emotiva X-Series Amplifiers Posted by Audio Active Australia April 16th, 2018

Emotiva X-Series Amplifiers

Emotiva X-Series amplifiers will give you the control and the results you desire from your home audio equipment.

Emotiva X-Series Amplifiers

When you are interested in adding amplifiers to your home theatre audio system, there is nothing quite like the Emotiva X-Series amplifiers. Using the latest technology, the X-Series has continuously developed into something worth talking about. You may find that you have the control and the results you desire from your home audio equipment.

XPA-1 – Enjoy the power of previous XPA-1 models, with a newly added switchable 60W Class A mode for greater musicality. These 600W Monoblock Power Emotiva X-Series amplifiers are fully differential and include an increased power output of 600W into 8 ohms in Class AB mode.

The XPA-1 allows you to seamlessly transition to Class AB mode as the need arises, so you can find the sweet spot you are listening for at virtually any volume level. You’ll also find that the sound quality of these Emotiva X-Series amplifiers is improved due to significant refinements to the Differential Reference™ circuitry. You can expect only the best listening experience from the X-Series when chosen as your flagship amplifier.

XPA Gen 3 – A winner of the Winner of the Secrets of Home Theater and High Fidelity 2016 Bad Ass Award, the XPA Gen 3 amplifier boasts 300 WPC modular power with 2-7 channels, with the ability to configure as needed. These Emotiva X-Series amplifiers include the best features of previous designs while incorporating improvements and optimisation for maximum output.

The XPA Gen 3 utilises a high-current switch mode power supply capable of delivering over 3kw of continuous power with high efficiency and absolute reliability. Lightweight, intelligent, and extremely powerful, this addition to your home audio system will not disappoint!

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