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Emotiva Subwoofers Posted by Audio Active Australia April 16th, 2018

Emotiva Subwoofers

Achieve a new sound experience with Emotiva subwoofers as part of your home audio system.

Emotiva Subwoofers

Subwoofers are the part of your home audio equipment that makes everything sound real. They connect you to the depths of your music, movies, and other audio in such a way that you truly feel you are part of the moment. With Emotiva subwoofers, you can achieve a new sound experience because of their ability to produce quality sound with low distortion.

  • Connect – Emotive subwoofers are designed to help you create the home audio system that gets to the most basic levels of connected sound; to extend the bass response levels and cover the last few octaves in a range. They offer precision, musicality, and dynamics even at the highest listening levels.
  • Elevate – It’s hard to argue with raw power that also has finesse. With Emotiva subwoofers, you can achieve the best sound quality without compromise. Elevate your audio with these unique equipment additions.
  • Performance – When it comes to performance, you want a speaker system that delivers the ultimate performance every time you turn on a movie or listen to your favourite records. Emotive subwoofers won’t disappoint when you make them your featured equipment for low frequency sounds.

Emotiva subwoofers are designed to achieve maximum performance while also maintaining style in their design. These versatile speakers will look great against your home theatre backdrop and are available at a great value.

Audio Active Australia distributes Emotiva subwoofers and other quality sound equipment through the best specialists and independent retailers. Find a dealer near you using our dealer locator page to begin shopping for Emotiva products.

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