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E.A.T Posted by Audio Active December 14th, 2017


Beginning in the late 1990s, European Audio Team (EAT) began building what are regarded as some of the highest quality and best sounding vacuum tubes ever produced. Part of the secret to this legacy is the watchful eye and attention to detail of founder Jozefina Lichtenegger.

Today EAT continues building a limited number of vacuum tubes specifically for the highest end audio playback systems. Beginning nearly a decade ago, EAT expanded their product portfolio to include high performance turntables and tonearms, with electronics following shortly behind them. The products currently offered by Audio Active from European Audio Team are a limited number of superlative turntables beginning with the famed Forté and then followed by the Forté-S, E-Flat and the all new entry level C-Sharp range. EAT expanded their line offering by producing the highly regarded E-Glo phonostage, and recently added production of the amazing E-Go tonearm. Each piece is manufactured from raw materials within the European Union using only the highest quality materials and workmanship. Each product represents the finest old-world craftsmanship married to new-world technology.

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Featured Products:

C-Sharp turntable

EAT , leaded by Jozefina Lichtenegger, a lady with distinct for elegance and design, went into the turntable business with completely new approach . High End turntables get big,massy and bulky close to phallic.

E-Flat Turntable

EAT’s E-Flat is a new, forward-thinking turntable supplied with a revolutionary flat tonearm. Although flat arms have been seen in the past, none have been able to offer the rigidity necessary to deliver the stable performance expected of modern tonearms.

Forte Turntable

A massive machine that gets the best out of your vynil. Separate Sub Chassis and a mass loaded turntable gives us the best of both worlds.

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