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Authorised Dealer

Audio Active strongly advises potential customers to be EXTREMELY CAUTIOUS regarding the purchase of any of our brands from an unauthorised source.  Currently on certain websites there are a number of people offering our products and claiming to be authorised dealers but they are NOT.

Potential customers please understand Audio Active offers support for:

  • Warranty
  • Spare parts
  • Software updates
  • Ongoing service backup

Audio Active only supports products manufactured specifically for Australia and New Zealand and sold through an Audio Active Authorised dealer.

Do not be misled into receiving any International warranty claims. Audio Active is not a party to any warranty arrangements other than for goods sold through an Audio Active Authorised dealer and proof of purchase from an Audio Active Authorised dealer is required for any warranty claim to be honored.

We strongly advise customers to be extremely cautious regarding any products they buy and the source they are buying from. From our experience, there are no bargains – typically customers get precisely what they pay for and regrettably can be very disappointed.

Many consumers do not realise that there can be significant manufacturing and technical differences in products produced for different countries or markets. Specifications vary considerably throughout the world and some products can be quite unsuitable for use in some countries despite a similar outward appearance.

All Audio Active products are designed and built to suit conditions (e.g. power or broadcast specifications) in Australia and New Zealand. Our products are tested to ensure compliance with Australian safety regulations, however Incorrectly specified product can be dangerous. Many products today are controlled by software which is region specific. Models not designed for this market may not be able to be software updated and therefore, in some instances, repaired. Our dealers are trained and experienced with our products. Audio Active totally supports and stands by legitimate product for our markets and sold through our dealer network.

Potential purchasers can check the legitimacy of products or dealers by using our authorised dealers locator on this website, or by calling our customer support number 03 9699 8900, or by using the Contact Us page.

Warranty begins on date of original retail purchase from an Authorised Audio Active retailer only. It is not transferable.