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Anthem Multi-Channel Amplifiers

Make a statement with your audio-visual equipment with Anthem multi-channel amplifiers.

Anthem Multi-Channel Amplifiers


If your sound quality is suffering because you are still using a 2-channel amplifier system, then look no further for your upgrade than with Anthem products from Audio Active Australia. In fact, Anthem multi-channel amplifiers offer home entertainment enthusiasts the ability to build the ideal sound output options desired to achieve maximum performance and ideal sound quality, no matter how big or small your system may be.

  • Make a Statement – With Anthem multi-channel amplifiers, you may find that you can truly make a statement with your audio-visual equipment. They are ideal for use with Paradigm equipment, as well as other Anthem products, so building the complete system package you desire with the option to add and take away layers as needed is easily achieved.
  • Excellent Design – You may also find that Anthem multi-channel amplifiers do not disappoint when it comes to construction. Whether you love the minimalist build or knowing that you have an amp made only of the highest-quality parts, you won’t be disappointed with the look and feel of Anthem products as part of your entertainment or stereo systems.
  • Quality Performance – You’ll never have to worry about Anthem multi-channel amplifiers when it comes to performance. Not only can you achieve natural sound, but when you pair these amplifiers with the right equipment, you may notice a big difference in the effectiveness of your home theatre system.

Anthem multi-channel amplifiers offer something truly unique when you are looking for alternatives to low-quality, low-output options for your home entertainment system. You’ll find a great selection of products with us at Audio Active Australia, so search for an authorised dealer today on our dealer locator page to get started building your complete system package.