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Anthem AV Processors

Anthem AV processors ensure that you have a worry-free watching and listening experience.

Anthem AV Processors

Knowing that your home theatre equipment will work together seamlessly is one of the top reasons why Anthem products have become the leader in audio-visual equipment over the years. With Anthem AV processors, you may find just the solutions you are looking for when you want to get the most from your audio-visual equipment every time you play a movie, turn on your favourite music, or enjoy surround sound at its best in your home.

  • Integrate – Using typical custom home controls, you can easily integrate Anthem AV processors to ensure that you can maximise the results of your home theatre and audio-visual equipment. By sending the proper signals to your display devices and audio equipment, Anthem AV processors ensure that you have a worry-free watching and listening experience.
  • Decode – From room equalisation to decoding the multi-channel surround sound format, the Anthem AV processor offers high-powered performance at the touch of a finger. These unique Anthem products include video processing, video up-conversion, AM/FM tuners, secondary zone capabilities, and control of other devices through trigger and/or HDMI CEC.
  • Flexible – Anthem AV processors are also flexible enough to work well with other brands, including Paradigm products, so you can customise your home entertainment system to your needs and wants. You’ll be able to create the complete system package that suits your personal tastes.

If you are looking for Anthem products and other quality audio-visual equipment for your home theatre system, search for an Audio Active Australia authorised dealer on our dealer locator page. We’ll be happy to supply you with the equipment that helps you achieve the most from your home theatre system.